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Santa Cruz

Curt & Delight hand washing clothes at our house near the MCC center.

We went out for ice cream Christmas Eve.

Central plaza at night.

Mark gets his shoes shined .


Familiar Faces


Milton Wittaker



Vicki and Susanna

Matt tests out the dirt bike he may purchase.

Roli's mom, Matt, and Roli

Susanna, Maria, Terry, Rosa

Group of home kids including Ester and Teresa who still help out.

Louis (no longer at the home) and his father.

We had a get together on Dec. 31 where we got to see old kids from the home.

Maria is finishing up her studies to become a doctor.

Denver and Zulema.
Rosa and Rhoda. Rosa's sister Yovana now is working in Switzerland.

Herland, language assistant at EMU.


Stansberry Children's HOme

Each day we travel to the home in the back of this pickup.

Getting a tour of the daycare.

Kids help castrate piglets.

Sandra enjoys little kids.


EdNelson, the new 'house father' shows Dallas and Mark the shop.

Mark cleans out the Steiner's radiator.

15 years later, the Steiner still runs.

Soccer on the concha

Dallas & Rhoda are recognized at a meal.

Devin and David help clean up after a meal.



House mother Florina helps sort through Christmas gifts we brought from the US.

Delight, Rhoda, and Cindy make Christmas cookies.

A pig was killed and prepared on Christmas eve.

On Christmas Eve, they gave each of us a little present for our help.

Fireworks at the MCC center on Christmas eve.

Christmas Day: It is raining while Dallas and Mark cook the pig.

Despite a grease fire, the pig turned out well.

Rhoda and help in the kitchen preparing the Christmas feast.

Joni tries out Mark's shades.

While the food was prepared the rest of us played games with the kids.

Curt and Diego battle in Monopoly.

Dutch blitz.

Christmas lunch.

The kids played a new lego soccer game all afternoon.