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Trip to the Country

Dallas shows Nicolas and family the new Ventrac brochure.

Escaping the hot sun in Nicolas' home

Dallas and Rhoda worked with Nicolas and his wife in their first Bolivian term.

Old machinery made by Marvin Steiner out of motorcycle parts.

Monkey in the park.


Bolivian Cemetery

Entrance to the cemetery.

Rhoda and Cindy buy flowers

Waiting while Rhoda investigates where graves of Alejandro and Sandra's mom are.

The grave of Alejandro, a former kid in the orphanage.

David places flowers at Alejandro's grave, because his mother has been relocated.

Santa cruz 2

Playing games after a wonderful meal at Leon and Deneen’s home

Devin and Sandra find out sleeping isn't just for night.

Cindy with Leon and Deneen's baby monkey.

With the adults gone to a special supper, we found our way to excellent chinese food thanks to Matt Steiner.

Devin enjoys the large bugs in Bolivia.

Early morning wake up call.

Denver working on the website in the sweltering heat.

Orphanage went to the pool January 1st.

Before the kids could enter, we walked through the pool removing plates, silverware, and glasses from the party the night before.

Most of us got burned bad at the pool because they disallowed sunscreen claiming it was bad for the filters.

Luci and Ona's church - Principe de Paz (prince of peace)

We ate Sunday lunch at Elizabeth and Roberto's house.


Devin's Relatives

Sunday (Jan. 2) afternoon we went to Devin's great Aunt.

Looking at pictures. Devin's great aunt was the one who brought him to the home.

Devin's great-uncle looks over some Ventrac literature.

Yovana (cousin to Devin's father) and great aunt and uncle.

Monday (Jan. 3) we took a trip out to the country and got stuck halfway through this puddle.

We were able to push the truck out and eventually get it started.

Luci and baby escape the heat.

The house of Devin's father's cousin.

Devin's meets his birth mom for the first time in 12 years.

Devin's birth mom was 'in town' because of a recent operation. Two of Devin's siblings were also there.

Sharing a laugh over the bird.

Devin's older sister, mother, and youngest brother.

Devin's youngest brother David.

Devin's sister Erica.

Avoiding the puddles on the way home.

We stopped by Luci's parents place before heading home.

Luci's family.


Last Week in Santa Cruz

Ornamented Taxi - all internal buses were on strike when we left Santa Cruz

Biju and Son: We ate Tuesday supper at her house.

EMU 2004 Grads in Santa Cruz: Eric Kennel, Dave Landis, Rachel Miller

It was great to see Dave and Eric in Santa Cruz. Check out their travels around the world.

Steiner family picture

Dustin Larson (Ron Larson's son) was recently voted Mr. Bolivia '04

We had Wednesday supper at Jimi and Marucha Davidson's house.

Our going away party Thursday lunch.

They had little gifts for all of us.

Curt has a final tussle with some of the kids.

We had Thursday supper at Jack and Jenny Derkson.