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La Ceiba, Honduras

La Ceiba, Honduras
City and Scenery Shots

The Airport I arrived at in La Celba
Leaf cutter Ant Activity in the plaza after a rain.
Shot for Devin, the turtle and alligator were buds
Night Shots
Sign translated: Good Friend Woods - 1/2 block West (and literally it was half a block from the Atlantic Ocean Interesting Tree - A tree I found in the park with interesting roots growing
I made Buds with the Coke and Pepsi vendors a the airport In Honduras Salva Vida (lifesaver) is a brand of beer, in Guatemala it is bottled water. In the States, it is a candy
My plane leaving El Ceiba was an hour late. Air Shots of Honduras
Shot for my sis, Airport in El Salvador:  Delight's Restaurant


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