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Work Projects

Windmill Fix - Monday Jan 28

On Monday I helped fix the windmill. We had to pull up the entire pipe and reconnect a rod. I also got to see the awesome view from the top, although it did test my comfort level when it comes to heights.



Bull Butcher - Tuesday Jan 29

We butchered a bull. It was interesting to see how it was all done. In the morning we killed it at Ron Larsonís ranch, stuffed it in the back of a pickup, and then cut it open when we got back to the orphanage. In the afternoon, I helped slice up the meat and cut out some of the fat.

Sewage Cleanup - Friday Feb 1

Most of the week we had been working at cleaning out some pipelines. Well Friday they decided that one of the sewage pits needed cleaned out. Somehow I got the job cleaning out the pit full of human waste. It was a messy job. I borrowed a pair of boots and gloves and went at it. Thankfully it didnít smell too bad. Some of the newer stuff wasnít too pleasant though.

Welding - Monday Feb 4

Brian Fencer and I worked on a lid to cover a section of a sewage trap Monday morning. Took us much longer then what it should have, mostly because we didnít know what we were doing. But I had fun welding. Maybe I have it somewhere in my blood


Electronic Repair - Monday Feb 5

Brian and I tried our hand at fixing a couple of fans and some juicers. Didnít have a lot of luck with the fans.



Playground - Febuarary-March

Playground construction for the Daycare.



Notice the strict Bolivian Electric codes




Amidst this all, I found some time to work on the video.



Note: if you want any of these pictures in Full Resolution.

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