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Photo Gallery - Hanoi (Dung and Hanh's Home)

Plane Trip - Hanoi - Sapa - Hue to Nha Tranh - Mui Ne to Saigon - Halong Bay

tour of the Nguyen house

Abe, our expert photographer, will now give you a tour of the Nguyen house.

Main entrance/Garage, 1st floor, please leave your shoes at the base of the steps.

To the right is the Kitchen, location of many wonderful meals.

To your left is the living room.

Second floor is where Abe, Dung, and Denver sleep. Around the corner is the parents room.

Up the final set of stairs...

Is the bathroom, and Hanh's room on the other side

View from the 3rd floor.

Yes Rachel, he does dishes as well.

The Nguyen family off to see their grandma.

Papa Tan Nguyen gets the motobikes ready.

Mama Nguyen arranging roses.


Jet Lag

Jet Lag


The heat wore us out.

I want a shower and some advil.

A view down the street outside the house


Hanoi - 2nd Day

We quickly put pants on over our shorts to get into the Pagoda

"Suggest All The People No Wear the Short to the Pagoda"

Being the typical tourist

Abe joins the French tour.

Cabbage Patch Kids

Finding our way to the train station

Ho Chi Minh Musoleum

Are we lost yet?


View from "Turtle Island"

A tortoise which lived in the lake we ate lunch by

Pretty corner view from the Ngoc Son Island

Cock Fight

Crazy streets.

The Presidential Palace



Final Days

Yumm... Buying pineapple on the street.

Holly Discovers how heavy these yokes actually are.

View from Mrs. Nguyen's office.

Snake Head fish for dinner.

"Turtle Lake" at night


Evening in the Park

Water puppets building

Do my feet smell?

Water Puppet Show