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Photo Gallery - Trip South - Hue to Nha Tranh

Plane Trip - Hanoi - Sapa - Hue to Nha Tranh - Mui Ne to Saigon - Halong Bay


The cheap tourists decide to walk on this hot day.

Canon's near the Citadel

You put your weed in there

The Citadel

The forbidden city is now open to tourists.

Our guide.

So hot....

Abe, you're such a tourist

View from our hotel roof

Elevator on the way down to our room.


Hue - Perfume River Boat Tour

Holly reads the guidebook before having to switch seats.

View from one of our stops.

We saw many heavily loaded boats along the way, with the person in the middle frantically bailing out water.

Abe catches some sun and Zzzzs...

I no speaky Vietnamese.

Holly is replaced with a new friend

Chess, anyone?


Dung's art 1


and 3

After a long day, Abe falls asleep on the lady from Holland





Traditiional Hue food


Where are the chopsticks?

Get in my belly

Abe and friend



Traveling to Hoi An & Hoi AN

Holly poses for a picture

Lang Co beach

Holly's can't resist a guitar

Stone statues in Da Nang. The right most creature is a dragon/dog.

Denver's struggle

"Act natural, guys"

"Don't kill it, Hanh."


Nha Trang & Ocean Boat Tour

I see a little silhouette of a man...

Our boat

Denver gets excited with the food.

"Ooooh... my love!!!" The funny guys that drove us crazy.


Ouch, that's gonna hurt

Floating... floating

"I am so wasted"

Sunrise in Nha Trang