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Photo Gallery - Trip South - Mui Ne to Saigon

Plane Trip - Hanoi - Sapa - Hue to Nha Tranh - Mui Ne to Saigon - Halong Bay

Mui Ne

Sunrise over the ocean

Evening soccer game. Can you spot the white guy?

We love our $18 bungalow

Great performance, Dung.

$3 massage

Handstand competition

Bike trip to the dunes

Abe made it to the top.

Cooling off near the dunes.

Experiencing the bicycles of Vietnam first hand.

Dung's so strong!

View from the roof.


Bus Adventures - we love camel travel!

They'll even carry the kitchen sink.


Denver's Spinal issues

Maybe this caused it.

Isn't my back straight?

Denver gets lucky for free - a massage from Hanh and Dung's aunt.


Ho Chi Minh city (Saigon)

America's gift to Vietnam.


Beautiful Hanh, Saturday evening at "Yesterday" cafe.

The band plays requests for the slightly upperclass crowd.

Abe removes his stiches.

Denver and friend



Paddling through a canal of the Mekong Delta.

The poorest of the city, living illegally along the river. Notice all the tv attennas.

Our lovely hosts - Zoe and her mom.

Monk hospitality - tea at the pagoda.

Hanging lights might look different in the States.

Look at this amazing deal!

Notre Dame Catholic Church just down the street.

Sunday morning mass in Vietnamese and English.

Hanh & her aunt.

Trip to the Zoo.

30 hour train ride home to Hanoi.

Sometimes the floor is more comforatble then the seat.