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Quote Book

Denver: "Wasn't your dad a cook on a ship?"
Everybody Else: "No, that was Ho Chi Minh."

"Do not use the toilet while the boat is not moving. Think about it."
– The boat tour guy in Nha Trang

"Hair Dresser, Shave, Make Hole Ear Clean, Relax..."
– Hair Dressing sign in Sapa


"All regulation should be done by visitiors, please. People will be punished by wrong actions."
– Sign on road to radio tower in Sapa

"Vikoda natural mineral water which is exploited form Danh Than mineral source is becoming the famous quality in Vietnam."
– Words on a Vikoda mineral water

“Is it bad for a girl to be a boy? Is it bad for a chicken to be a duck? You eat a chicken and it turns out to be a duck.”
– Hanh

"Suggest all the people. No wear the short to the pagoda.”
– Sign at the pagoda.

"There are no mosquitoes up here because it’s high and they cannot fly up here.”
– Hạnh

"My Angle”
– the cabbage patch kid postcard

"We’ll fool the dragon.”
– Abe, on walking backwards up to the tower in Lao Cai.

What should we name the guy on the train? Easy squeeze Heinz.
– Abe, Denver, and Dũng

"Just remember, in Vietnam, you don’t get lucky for free.”
– Denver’s omniscient and omnipotent lonely planet guidebook.

“The name Jacob is cute for me. It make me feel different.”
– Hạnh