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Lake Atitlan


I woke up at 5:45am to catch the sunrise at the dock. I think I am really a morning person, just never got enough sleep in college to realize it.


Shots of the volcanoes surrounding Lake Atitlan


The fishing boats were awesome. What a job it would be to work on this beautiful lake.




Group Shots

The group from CASAS I was with took a boat across Lake Atitlan.

We stayed with a woman name Chonita who did bead work.




Second Week Pictures

Joseph, my "brother" or actually 2 year old Latino "nephew" EMU Girls after returning from Cuba.
Greta and Holly show off a Cuban Dance CASAS' teachers playing with EMU give away clothes.
Holly packs her things for the trip home EMU Students leaving CASAS
My brother Caesar playing in soccer league
CASAS teachers enjoy the change the EMU students left

                      My neighborhood Zona 6


Note: if you want any of these pictures in Full Resolution.

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