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Lake Titicaca

Fields on the way to Lake Titicaca.

We stopped at a resturant on the lake.

Waiting for our meal.

Curt enjoys an egg on his steak.

The fish was excellent.

This man sailed in a reed boat from South American to the Philippines, proving boat voyages prior to Columbus were possible.

The man's scenic backyard.

Reed boat with a Japanese theme.

We took a ride on a smaller reed boat.

Our boat guide.

Dustin scales the side of the mountain.

The "Milton Tours Hotel" bus boards the ferry.

We were surprised these shaky boats made it across with such heavy loads.

We crossed over in a boat.

The Bolivian Navy (which is a joke considering Bolivia is landlocked)

Shore of Copacaba, were we spent the night.

Lovely light fixture Dallas & Rhoda's room.

Beach in the morning.

Notice the dog on the second floor.

View of Copacabana from above.

Herd of animals being driven to pastor.

Boat trip back to the mainland.

Mark imitates this Bolivian navy hero.


Ruins of Tiwanaku

One theory was that some of the statues were inspired by aliens.

The pre-inca ruins of the Tiwanaku

Depiction of the priests, the elite class.

Delight test out pre-inca audio system.

"Sun gate" - the Tiwanaku people used this to align the sun and determine the date.

This smaller temple was lined with heads.

We hired an excellent tour guide who only spoke spanish.


Returning to La Paz - mountain in the background.

View of La Paz with mountains in the distance.

Checking in at the airport at 5 am for our flight to Santa Cruz.

Lovely view from the plane.
Show capped mountains