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Photo Gallery - Sapa

Plane Trip - Hanoi - Sapa - Hue to Nha Tranh - Mui Ne to Saigon - Halong Bay

sapa - hotel & misc.

Train ride from Hanoi

Mountain view from our hotel

Ready for the day's adventure

Hạnh & Lam in the Fog

Foggy Church

City View

Condom Promotion

Old Roomates...


Passing Time on a Rainy Day

Turtle on a Leash

Gettin' cozy

Post-trauma self-care

Don't look too close Mom!



Hanh is an excellent waitress

Meal at the Cat Cat, Hotel Restraunt

Snack along the road

Yum, leaves...

Tasty Vietnamese cuisine - dig in!

Look at me mastering these stick thingies!



Colorful Marketplace

Produce Section

Hanh buys a snake.

Abe resists aggresive marketplace women after giving in and buying $2 fake adidas shorts.

Gecko on a stick anybody?


Trek to the radio tower

Heaven's Gate

Dung's doing what?

Ah, so beautiful

Holly thinks Jesse would appreciate the recycled motorbike chains on the swing.

Abe makes it to the radio tower.

The boys


trekking through the countryside

Marijuana plant anybody?

Hike through the bamboo

Drilling and dynamite cleared the way for a wider road. They usually warned us before the blast.

A rocking generator powers the drilling.

No, we don't want to buy arm bracelets.

Stop for lunch.

"Tricky" path.

Abe can you pass me tape #43?

Dung, I can't carry you the whole way.

Don't hurt me.

Mooo... Oh wait it's a water buffalo.

Hanh gets in deep.

Catch you later mom.

Our wonderful guide Số.

Taking a quiet break.

No thanks, don't want to buy your blanket for this 90 degree weather.

Nope, don't need a hat either.

I think we lost them guys.

Beautiful flower

She's just so tiny and cute, Holly can't help herself!!

14 kilometers - still picking our way along.